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Destination wedding or local, 500+ people or small intimate gathering, Cheryl Cole Photography caters to your unique desires. Read below to learn about what we have to offer. 

We take timeless, personal, elegant photographs you'll treasure forever.


There are no limits on your love, why would there be limits on the amount of time I photograph your special day?

I want to be there with you to capture every moment to best tell the story of your wedding day. Providing all day access to me as your photographer caters to the wedding couples who do not want to feel rushed. You will not have to move around schedules or sacrifice time being photographed due to your photographer. I truly am there every step of the way to celebrate YOU and be there to capture YOUR LOVE STORY. 


destination & domestic


"Hiring Cheryl and her team was the best decision we made for our wedding day."

Full Day Hybrid Photography Wedding Coverage

Tim & Christine

"Hiring Cheryl and her team was the best decision we made for our wedding day."

Otherwise referred to lovingly as "Wedding Photography Bootcamp", an Adventure Engagement Session is a day long engagement session where I coach you on movement prompts, angles, composition and get to know you and your partner on an intimate level leading into your wedding day! My goal is to ultimately show who you are together at your most relaxed, natural and in love, so that you are not "thinking" about being photographed on your wedding day. My goal is for you to be entirely immersed in your wedding day, and booking an Adventure Engagement Session is the ideal way to do so.


Adventure Engagement 


"Cheryl & Will are our dream double dates, who just happen to create beautiful works of art."

Courtney & Alex

Distance is as limitless as our imagination. Let us travel for your forever after!. 

Our elopement packages are multi day travel experiences. We are with you every step of the way, from planning, to permits, to hauling bottles of champagne up the side of a mountain for your first toast as a married couple. 


to the end of the world


"Cheryl is your biggest hype-woman and no matter what, her contagious enthusiasm does not waver."

hannah + James

You pop the question, we will pop the champagne!! We are the team that truly enjoys hiding in bushes so as not to spoil the surprise. We help you every step of the way in planning and are the first people congratulate you after your partner says "YES!" 


Let's start at the Beginning of your journey


"Cheryl, you brought a smile to my face from the literal moment we started shooting. Your amazing photography skills highlight all the joy you bring to the world."

Katherine Bennett

Want to snuggle up with your partner at home? Do you want art created from your every day life? Take me home with you for a lifestyle session. Available in individual and multi-session packages. 

Lifestyle Session

Take me home with you


This is the fine art session of your dreams. This package can be an add on in your bridal package, or stand on its own. 

Warm, empowering, joyful & uplifting are just some of the words that my clients have used to describe these 


Empowering, beautiful, fine art


You have been waiting to celebrate the love between you and your partner forever. Let yourself get swept up into the moment. 

I will set the stage for beautiful photographs, but the in between moments, the moments you forget you are being photographed, are the ones I guarantee you will cherish the most. The more you let go in the moment, the more I can capture those beautiful storytelling moments. 

Keep in mind that your final images will remind you of how you felt on that day. 

let yourself get swept up in the moment

Save the fun colored lights for the fun, everyone on the dance floor, party time! If you are doing traditional first dances, looking back, you wouldn't want bright colored splotches of pink, blue, green and yellow on your face and gown! 

I often mention it to the DJ, wedding planner, event coordinator prior to the arrival of the couple to the reception site, but it is always something to keep in mind. 

During the first dances, make sure there are no colored lights

This is something that time and time again my wedding clients do not think about until long after signing the contract for their venue and ceremony space. 

A church, ceremony space and reception venue look very, very different in the middle of the day versus at the time of your ceremony or reception. Did you book a reception space because you were drawn to the beautiful 20ft windows with natural light pouring in? Depending on the time of year, that light that you are so drawn to will be long gone for your reception, and you will be left only with the overhead and artificial lights. 

Pro Tip: Photographers, like myself, and wedding planners work together to create editorials in various venue spaces. These photographs are with ideal weather and time of day in order to best showcase our work. Be careful when seeing beautiful editorials: you most likely are not having your reception at 2PM. 

If possible, view your venue at the time you will be having the event prior to booking

Your wedding photographer should be one of the people you are most comfortable with on your wedding day. Wedding photography is such a personal experience. For a minimum of a year leading up to your wedding, I spend countless hours spending time with you, planning with you, dreaming with you about your wedding day. We have been meeting up for coffee, happy hour, texting, pinning on Pinterest. The day of the wedding, my partner and I will spend more time with you and your partner than your closest friends and family. If we create an album together after the wedding, we will be spending an additional 6-8 months together. 

Make sure that you enjoy that person's personality! Are they easy to get in contact with? Do you feel comfortable reaching out to that person? Are you going to smile and feel at ease when your photographer walks into the wedding suite? These relationships are why I spend so much time getting to know each of my clients. From our initial consultation, I tell my potential clients "shoot me a text/email me if you have any questions". That line of communication is open in that moment and is available to you for life. 

The most incredible photographs occur when there is a relationship between photographer and subject

The moments prior to seeing your partner for the first time on your wedding day are so special. You have your hair and makeup done, and are about to put on your wedding gown, why not take a moment to soak it all in? These are truly some of my favorite moments captured on your wedding day. The tranquility, the calm before the storm, the anticipation, are all such raw feelings. 
Having a beautiful space to get ready in and have these moments gives you more opportunities for these moments to be captured in the most elegant way. Below are some tips for what to look for when picking a beautiful location:

- Natural light: big open windows, preferably floor to ceiling ones make for absolutely stunning bridals and getting ready photographs. Full sun exposure is so limited on your wedding day, while it is light out, you do not want to waste it!

- Neutral colors or colors that match your color theme. If your color palette is white, sand and pink, try not to book a place with bright green and purple couches and wallpaper. The getting ready portraits will jump out as a stain looking back at your wedding album. 

For my New Orleans wedding couples, reach out to me personally and I will be able to recommend beautiful hotels and AirBnbs, but be quick because they book up quickly!

Choose a beautiful space for getting ready

No location, activity, venue is off the table when it comes to your wedding experience. Dream with your wedding planner and photographer. Give yourself the luxury of time to dream up beautiful ideas, mood board with us, brainstorm. That is why booking and opening a line of communication with your photographer early in the planning process is so important. 

Use our wealth of experience to help you elevate your wedding day to something you never thought imaginable. Trust me, we WANT to do something unique to you specifically! The. more personalized the day, the more joy you have on your wedding day, the better the photographs will turn out, I assure you. 

This is also why I only shoot a select amount of weddings per year. The magic happens when you take the time with your clients to dream, visualize and create together.

Your wildest dreams can come to life with proper communication and planning

There are three guarantees about me as a person: 
1. I love weddings.
2. I love people.
3. I love photography. 

Those absolutes will never change. I truly have the best job in the world because I am doing exactly what I love. Know that if there is a moment when there is a camera in my hand, I am the happiest version of myself. I get a rush every time I press the shutter button on my camera because I KNOW that I have just frozen that priceless moment forever. The photographs I capture, long after the champagne, music, laughter and loved ones are gone, will stand the test of time as a reminder of one of the most important times of your life. 

Trusting me fully in my process in artistic ability will provide for you the most authentic and breathtaking of photographs. 

trust the process!

advice from your wedding photographer


If you're looking for romantic fine art imagery with an edge, but a well-organized and executed process, you're in luck. Let's schedule a consultation and see if this is the right fit.

Let Us Tell Your Love Story.

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