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Hi friends! My name is Cheryl Cole and I was born and raised right outside of New Orleans, Louisiana in the beautiful town of Mandeville. I now happily bounce between New Orleans and Jackson, Mississippi as my home! Though when people ask me, I always say that I live on the road traveling constantly for my photography adventures. 

I am a true extrovert, lover of people, bring energy into any room and have an innate ability to bring the best out in people. I believe these strengths are what drew me to photography. 

My inspiration comes from relationships with people, experiences, stories, travel, different cultures, bourbon, wildlife, vintage cars, modern architecture, 400 year old castles, texture, color, black & white movies, natural light, fashion, music & film. My ever expanding interests enhance the way I capture people's lives through my camera. 

It is difficult to describe in words what we actually capture as wedding photographers. Our aim is to capture your true self, albeit a quiet moment between you and a loved one, your relationship among friends, laughing uproariously with a spouse during a toast, or busting your signature move on the dance floor. We are there to capture it all. Each of these fleeting moments, that go by so quickly on your wedding day, we want to capture and immortalize for you eternally. 

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about me

"I truly felt emotion and storytelling in your photos. It's like you somehow are able to capture the beauty of each couple that I've seen and I feel like I know them personally because of it. I want my photos to be like that, and I want a photographer that truly cares about bringing that much detail, effort, and art into my photos. I also feel like I can be open and honest around you, and I feel that is super important when having someone document one of the most important days of my life. I am so excited!!! Let's do this!"

- Ashlyn, 2023 bride
on why she hired cheryl cole photography

Born and raised right outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, I was given my first full frame camera at the age of 14 with the stipulation from my father (a film photographer) I would shoot only in manual settings. I was immediately up for the challenge. 

Studying Wildlife Biology as well as Art History at Millsaps College gave me the ability to travel the world, study animals and bring my camera along. I was able to get my content shared all over the world from NatGeo to GoPro to Canon. 

At 16 I was offered a position as a runway photographer for the International Modeling and Talent Agency in NYC! It was my first time working 16 hour days and my first taste of turning my skill as a photographer into a career. 

After years of traveling the world, learning about various cultures and capturing them through my photography, I came back home to New Orleans and decided to launch my full time photography business! 
Photography has always been my passion, long before I even realized it, that has shaped my entire life.





My Story:

From the Beginning

From Fashion photographer traveling the world to becoming a Full time wedding photographer

I had a recent MOH quote me during her speech. I had called the bride "hot and unbothered" during a hurricane on her wedding day

Favorite Wedding Moment

Meet Will! He's as hilarious as he is tall. His attention to detail as a Quality Automotive Engineer overflows into his skill as a brilliant photographer. Also, he is my best friend! 
You will also see from time to time our adorable kitten, Frankie, on our Instagram. 

My human


We love wine parings, our monthly bourbon tasting at our house, traveling to new places and live concerts. 



Museums, brunch, camping under the stars, vintage cars, traveling to new places, live concerts & road trips

guilty pleasures


I have been very fortunate to travel all over the world! A few of my favorite countries include Tanzania, New Zealand, Cambodia, Portugal & Bali.

places i've been



The moment right after the ceremony has ended...It is the moment when it hits them that they are now married. Sometimes there are tears, sometimes laughter, sometimes just smiles of relief, but always completely genuine.

Favorite part of my job


my favorite things:

Yes we are centralized in New Orleans, but only about half of our weddings are photographed at home! Just in the year 2021 have photographed weddings, elopements, engagements, vow renewals, proposals and editorials in Charleston, SC, Washington D.C., Jackson, MS, New Orleans, Louisiana, Laguna Beach, California, Los Angelis, California, Temecula, California, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, New Mexico, all over Texas, Arkansas, Georgia. New York City, Long Island, New York, & New Jersey. 

We have photographed weddings in over 20 states

My degree is in Wildlife Biology and Will is an Eagle Scout, so we truly are in our element any time we are back in nature. Often when photographing an elopement, we will camp in the park days leading up to the date just to learn the ideal spots and elements. It is some of the most demanding, photography-wise, kind of photoshoots due to the terrain and the preparation but it is ALWAYS worth it. The scenic backdrops, early mornings, long hikes and late evenings make for the most breathtaking photoshoots. This past year, with permits, we have photographed vow renewals, elopements and engagements in Big Bend National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Shenandoah National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Smoky Mountain National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park & Saguaro National Park. 

My Partner and I have explored, camped and photographed in 7 national parks in 2021

Long before we decided to be wedding photographers, we were 'Mr. & Mrs. Wedding", having stood in over 30 weddings (we have lost count entirely). This experience, along with the countless weddings we have photographed in the past three years, has given priceless experience on both sides of the wedding day. Behind the lens, we know the flow of the day, and in front of the lens, we have learned the needs and desires of the people we are photographing. We are also expert dancers, knowing every move to every line dance as well as swing dancers! If prompted (or even when not), Will will start dancing with the Mother of the Bride/Groom on your wedding day. He truly can not help himself. 

Will & I have been in 30+ wedding parties Combined

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Updates on our travels, food pics, pictures of our kitten, Frankie and beautiful moments captured are just a few of the things you will view on our Instagram.


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